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Jim Denzine and Charlie Anderson live in North Central WI, where they were raised to be avid outdoorsmen. To say their passion is hunting and fishing would be an understatement. For over a decade, they have enjoyed making various home-butchered products from their hunts that help feed their families as well as their friends' families. Jim and Charlie lived from "field to table" before it became a trendy buzzword.

It is a family tradition around Jim and Charlie's community to enjoy nature that God has provided. Feeding the family self-harvested meat and homemade meat products made from seasonings offered at The Seasoned Butcher is where it all comes together. This is why the company trademark became "Taste the Tradition."

Born Out of Tradition

Initial plans for The Seasoned Butcher began in the fall of 2020 after having a discussion with the owner of Rocky Ridge Outdoors, a local and top-rated seasoning supplier with small-town values and rural history. The global pandemic was in full swing and government restrictions placed a size-able hurdle for many people to get to their local home butchering supply store.

Jim and Charlie took a long look at the online landscape of seasoning providers and saw that the vast majority of them were targeting people in the city which means to say they were not targeting the hunting community. It was decided to bridge the gap with an online store designed by and for hunters and homesteaders that specifically spoke to their wants and needs.

The goal was to create an e-commerce website that was not complicated, provided valuable information, avoided theatrics, all while bringing the history of Jim and Charlie's favorite seasonings to hunters and homesteaders across the nation.

Concurrently, the hunting community and homesteaders could now gain access to exceptional seasonings and home butchering supplies which were once difficult to get a hold of. Over the years, Jim and Charlie have created a tradition to share the bounty with loved ones and to share recipes with friends and family thus creating a taste of tradition everyone can enjoy.

Now you get to take advantage of the taste of the American Northwoods and begin your own family tradition.

Charlie Anderson grinding meat in a LEM Grinder
Father son tandem entering the woods for their family hunt.

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